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    " Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve"  

         Napolean Hill - Author

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"My sessions with Jacqueline have equiped me with the tools to more effectively communicate with the various publics  within my business environment on a global basis. This has already within a very short  period of time led to positive and tangible business results".  Steve Priddis - Principal and Lead Consultant PMVE (Global).


"Jacqueline instantly appreciated my personal, professional and social status leading me to successfully develop a positive action plan. The first two sessions undoubtably led me to acheiving an advanced career opportunity. Jacqueline taught me techniques for positive thinking which consequently increased my confidence which I maintain using these techniques. Jacqueline provided coaching which enabled the formation of an organisational development plan and new marketing strategy which is being implemented by the organisation. I highly recommend Jacqueline for personal development planning and target creation". Anthony Evans, Business Development Manager - JH Lavender and Company.


"As a result of my coaching sessions with Jacqueline, I have come out with a clear committment to planned actions that have tackled fundamental professional issues". J Field - Governence Director, Education.


"Jacqueline enabled me to think clearly, plan strategically and achieve clear outcomes from set goals. Jacqueline was extremely effective and had a brilliant way of keeping me on track. She is empathetic, kind though challenged me when appropriate enabling me to overcome barriers and move forward with confidence". D Cloud - Director New Homes. 


"As a result of my coaching with Jacqueline, I have acheived a plan for my future career which I have discussed with my Cheif Executive and acheived her support".  C Brown - Finance Director NHS.


 "Jacqueline, I would like to say a massive thank you for your support and encouragement, helping me to achieve more than I believed possible. You kept me focussed helping me plan the steps I needed to take to move me forward. When my motivation was dipping, you cheered me on and kept reminding me of the benefits and rewards of achieving my goals making me realise I had acheived more than I had thought. You made me feel proud of my progress. Your ability to help me place my issues into perpective and seeing the reality allowed me to concentrate on exactly what I needed to do at that time. After each session, I felt energised and eager to get on with the tasks in hand often completing them ahead of schedule! Thank you once again Jacqueline, it has been an absolute pleasure meeting you and being coached by you". J Dawn-Parish Councillor.



"Jacqueline's creative workshop was absolutely amazing. She explained the process with great clarity. It was exciting. I've never had so many ideas in a shortspace of time. She also had the knack of engaging us on so many levels intellectually and emotionally to create our vision. I am now full of energy. Brilliant. I highly recommend this workshop"

Vanessa Mclennon.


"Jacqueline communicated with such passion and vigour that I felt empowered by her message. I instantly felt a greater degree of clarity within my vision. She is such a powerful communicater and delivers her message in a vibrant and inspiring manner. The skills I learnt in her workshop are so applicable to my business and everyday life. I recommend Jacqueline if you are looking for some great clarity and vision in your life". Ted Clohosey - Your Brand Academy.


"The workshop was amazing, awesome. The ideas just kept flowing into my mind. These skills I can apply. I now have my massive vision" Skip Archimedes- SkipsNakedHealth.


"An amazing workshop Jacqueline. Delivered with passion. My vision is crysal clear. Thank you" Elliot Kay - The Coach With The Hat.